Reno Bighorns Season Summary

         When the Reno Bighorns approached me to be their DJ, I didn’t know what to expect. I’ve never managed the music of a sports arena. However, choosing music for a sports team has always been in the back of my mind, ever since I witnessed Trevor Hoffman sprinting out of the Padres bullpen to Hells Bells. Becoming the DJ for the Bighorns brought many challenges. I would quickly learn that I had the responsibility to manage every sound. Quirky opposing team taunts or defensive chants weren’t out of question. 
          The freedom the Bighorns gave me was humbling, and helped me relax. I would eventually learn DJing a basketball game is much like DJing a club or private event. The basics are still there. Its all about pacing and matching the energy that is happening or will be. Fast break? How about an Alive instrumental by Lil Jon. An opposing team timeout after a Bighorns 10-0 run? Definitely a moment for a hyped Bass Kleph remix of Sandstorm by Darude.
          After a few games, the meticulous preparation of different moments began to add to the fluidity of the vibrant environment. I was able to anticipate big moments like a powerful dunk, a coaches challenge, or the mascot, Bruno, actually sinking the half court shot. One of my favorite musical duties was choosing idiosyncratic songs for the opposing team’s introductions. The music ranged from Garth Brooke’s, “Friends In Low Places” to Miley Cyrus’ giddy anthem, “Party In The USA.” I don’t know why mocking opposing teams brings me such malicious satisfaction, but it does >:).
         With all things said and done, the Bighorns finished a successful season with a consummation home playoff game. However, with the completion of their agreed contract with the Reno Events Center, the team made the difficult decision to move to Stockton, California (Just 45 miles south of their affiliate, the Sacramento Kings). I’m a bit heart broken that I won’t have the same opportunity to impact the Bighorns, next year, but I certainly have high hopes to perform for other local sports teams on the ice or in the sun.
         Rachel Golden (Manager of Game Operations), “We seriously thank you for all of your hard work and efforts this season. You brought a new level of energy. Thanks for all the efforts and hard work. Couldn’t have done it without you. #HornzUp”


  1. Great read buddy! I bet the opposing team hated playing the big horns here in Reno mainly because of your musical taunts. Keep up the great work.

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